Labrador with pyotraumatic furunculosis

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Pyotraumatic furunculosis

Bacterial culture

1. Staphylococcus pseudintermedius

Labrador with pyotraumatic furunculosis cured in 40 days

Patient history

Period of reference: October-December 2012

  • Severe and acute facial pruritus. The dog receives a monthly spot-on treatment against fleas and is fed a good quality diet (Purina Derm). He has a history of atopic dermatitis well controlled with the diet and regular application of rehydrating spot-ons or lotions

Physical examination

  • Focal lesions at the basis of the left ear: alopecia, erythema, erosions. The lesion is thickened in the center with nodular lesions in the periphery, sometimes fistulated typical of furunculosis


  • Numerous inflammatory cells: polymorphonucleated neutrophils and macrophages, red blood cells and a few ‘coccobacilleous’ bacteria

Otoscopic examination

  • No visible lesions: the tympanic membrane is perfectly intact, no foreign body


  • No parasites visible


Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid S I R
Cephalexin S I R
Clindamycin S I R
Enrofloxacin S I R
Marbofloxacin S I R
Oxacillin S I R
Pradofloxacin S I R


  • Veraflox® 3 mg/kg/d (one 120 mg tablet/day)
  • Topical treatment with Chloriseptine 0.2 % twice daily

Veraflox treatment days

Number of days of Veraflox® treatment until cure: 40 days

Follow-up visit 1

  • Day 12
  • Net improvement: 75 % reduction of pruritus reported by the owner
  • Lesions dried up and hair starts to regrowth
  • Treatment is continued

Follow-up visit 2

  • Day 33
  • Complete resolution of pruritus
  • Lesions completely healed with a lot of hair regrowth
  • Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation can be seen
  • Treatment with Veraflox® for 1 additional week
  • Topical treatment is continued

Treatment Success

The last control showed a complete recovery.


Clinician Dr. Emmanuel Bensignor

Specialization Diplomate ECVD

Clinic name Alfort Vet School

Address Paris, France


Labrador with pyotraumatic furunculosis cured in 40 days

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