Treatment of periodontal disease


The clinical efficacy of Veraflox® tablets in the alleviation of clinical symptoms associated with periodontal disease was initially compared to that of clindamycin capsules (Antirobe®) 10. In a controlled, randomised, blinded multi-centre study, dogs were treated once daily with pradofloxacin at 3 mg/kg and twice daily with clindamycin at 5.5 mg/kg, for 7 consecutive days in both groups. Parameters of periodontal disease were periodontal pocket depth, bleeding on probing and the subgingival bacterial count (total anaerobic count). An infectious process also is indicated by an enlarged proportion of Gram-negative bacteria in the oral flora. A healthy periodontal flora consists of approximately 80% Gram-positive and 20% Gram-negative bacteria (up to 40% Gram-negatives may be seen in healthy geriatric dogs). Therefore, for the reduction of subgingival Gram-negative bacteria the efficacy of a six-day treatment course with pradofloxacin tablets at 3 mg/kg once daily and spiramycin/metronidazole (Stomorgyl®) at 12.5 mg/75,000 IU per kg twice daily was compared. 11

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