Older cat with skin wounds and necrosis

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Skin wounds due to necrosis
and deep pyoderma with
multiresistant Staphylococcus
group bacteria

Bacterial culture

Staphylococcus intermedius group (SIG)

Skin wounds and necrosis healed by treatment day 56.

Patient history

Period of reference: October-December 2012

  • Old cat with a history of chronic stomatitis. Since 6 days severe skin lesions associated with pain and fever.

Physical examination

  • The cat was presented in a poor general health condition and was anorectic. The physical examination further showed generalized lymphadenopathy and high fever (39.8 °C).

Blood examination

  • CBC with left shift, mild hyperglycemia (other values within normal range)

Dermatological examination

  • Painful, deep ulcers covered by thick crusts, exudation and pus mainly localized on the tarsal area of both legs (see Pictures 1 and 2)

Cytological examination

  • Neutrophils and macrophages with intracellular cocci, keratinocytes and red blood cells


Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid S I R
Cephadroxil S I R
Cephalexin S I R
Cefovecin S I R
Clindamycin S I R
Enrofloxacin S I R
Marbofloxacin S I R
Oxacillin S I R
Pradofloxacin S I R


  • Pradofloxacin oral suspension 5 mg/kg once daily
  • Cleaning of the lesions twice daily with polivin pyrrolidone iodine plus protective bandage
  • Moxidectin plus imidacloprid spot-on application monthly
  • Isolation from other cats
  • Special diet: Hill’s M/D

Veraflox treatment days

Number of days of Veraflox® treatment until cure: 40 days

Follow-up visit 1

  • Day 14
  • Marked improvement of the general health condition and decrease in severity of the skin lesions
  • Negative bacterial culture

Follow-up visit 2

  • Day 56
  • Complete cure of all skin lesions

Treatment Success

The last control did not show any skin lessions on the body and complete hair re-growth.


Clinician Dr. Antonella Vercelli, Dr. Luisa Cornegliani

Specialization Dipl CESDerm (Fr), Dipl ECVD

Clinic name Ambulatorio Veterinario Associato (AVA)

Address Torino, Italy


Skin wounds and necrosis healed by treatment day 56.

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