Young cat with a skin abscess

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Skin abscess on the
ventral thorax secondary
to a bite

Bacterial culture

Staphylococcus intermedius group (SIG)

Young cat with a skin abscess cured in 21 days

Patient history

Period of reference: October-December 2012

  • Indoor/outdoor cat living together with 3 other cats
  • The owner reported he had heard cats fighting 5 days ago. From then on, the cat had been depressed and showed pain on gentle palpation of the thorax. At the initial visit, pus was present on the ventral thorax.
  • The cat had a previous history of rhinotracheitis which had been treated with amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and cefovecin

Physical examination

  • Depression and fever with moderate lymphadenopathy
  • Presence of pus and a bad smell on the ventral thorax
  • No other dermatological lesions
  • Flea comb positive!


  • Neutrophils and macrophages with intracytoplasmatic small cocci


Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid S I R
Cephalexin S I R
Clindamycin S I R
Enrofloxacin S I R
Marbofloxacin S I R
Oxacillin S I R
Pradofloxacin S I R


  • Pradofloxacin 5 mg/kg/q24h/os for 7 days
  • Topical chlorhexidine solution every 24 hours
  • Imidacloprid spot-on monthly

Veraflox treatment days

Number of days of Veraflox® treatment until cure: 21 days

Follow-up visit 1

  • Day 7
  • Absence of pus and presence of wound healing
  • Treatment with Veraflox® continued for another 7 days

Follow-up visit 2

  • Day 14
  • Improvement and healing of the skin
  • Treatment continued for 7 days

Follow-up visit 3

  • Day 21
  • Small dry and clean wound of a few millimeters remaining
  • Treatment with Veraflox® was stopped


Treatment Success

The last control showed a clean wound and complete closure.


Clinician Dr. Antonella Vercelli, Dr. Luisa Cornegliani

Specialization Dipl CESDerm (Fr), Dipl ECVD

Clinic name Ambulatorio Veterinario Associato (AVA)

Address Torino, Italy


Young cat with a skin abscess cured in 21 days

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