Middle-aged cat with skin wounds secondary to pruritus

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Skin wounds on head and
neck due to pruritus related
to flea infestation and/or feline
hypersensitivity, associated with
multiresistant Staphylococcus
group bacteria

Bacterial culture

Staphylococcus pseudintermedius

Middle-aged cat with skin wounds cured in 30 days

Patient history

Period of reference: October-December 2012

  • Stray cat adopted 3 months ago. History of gastrointestinal disease due to worm infestation (treated). The cat has previously been treated with injectable antibiotics for a rhinitis and conjunctivitis. Moxidectin plus imidacloprid spot-on was applied earlier, but this hadn’t been repeated because of the appearance of skin lesions on the trunk right after application. Pruritus was observed in the last 2 months, and skin ulcers on the dorsum were apparently non-responsive to one injection of an antibiotic (cefovecin). The cat was referred for a second opinion.

Physical examination

  • Good general health condition with all parameters in normal range; presence of fleas on inspection. Crusts, ulcers, pus, and exudation on the skin of head and neck.

Blood examination

  • CBC and biochemistry within normal limits
  • FIV and FeLV negative

Dermatological examination

  • Coat brushing: positive for fleas and flea feces
  • Wood‘s lamp and fungal culture: negative

Cytological examination

  • Supportive of pyogranulomatous infection with many intracellular cocci


Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid S I R
Cephadroxil S I R
Cephalexin S I R
Clindamycin S I R
Enrofloxacin S I R
Marbofloxacin S I R
Oxacillin S I R
Pradofloxacin S I R


  • Pradofloxacin oral suspension 5 mg/kg once daily
  • Moxidectin plus imidacloprid spot-on application monthly (treatment of all 3 cats and the dog living in the same household)
  • Hypoallergenic diet (hypoallergenic Royal Canin)

Veraflox treatment days

Number of days of Veraflox® treatment until cure: 30 days

Follow-up visit 1

  • Day 14
  • Marked improvement of the skin lesions. One flea detectable on inspection. Cytological examination of the remaining skin lesions revealed only few neutrophils and no bacteria.

Treatment Success

Complete cure after 36 days.


Clinician Dr. Antonella Vercelli, Dr. Luisa Cornegliani

Specialization Dipl CESDerm (Fr), Dipl ECVD

Clinic name Ambulatorio Veterinario Associato (AVA)

Address Torino, Italy


Middle-aged cat with skin wounds cured in 30 days

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