The influence of pradofloxacin on the cartilage of young growing dogs was assessed at different dosages and for variable lengths of treatment 9-12. At the recommended oral therapeutic dose of 3 mg/kg once daily no gross or histopathological lesions were found in young dogs for 91 days.

However, the well-known class-effect of all veterinary fluoroquinolones should be considered: ‘Do not use in dogs during the period of growth as developing articular cartilage may be affected. The period of growth depends on the breed. For the majority of breeds, pradofloxacin-containing veterinary medicinal products must not be used in dogs of less than 12 months of age and in giant breeds less than 18 months. Do not use in dogs with persisting articular cartilage lesions, since lesions may worsen during treatment with fluoroquinolones.’

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