Oral suspension (cats)


After administration of Veraflox® 2.5% oral suspension to cats at the therapeutic dosage of 5 mg/kg, absorption is rapid, reaching peak concentrations of 2.1 mg/l within 1 hour, with bioavailability of pradofloxacin of at least 60%. Repeated dosing shows no impact on the pharmacokinetic profile (accumulation index = 1.2) 8.

In vitro plasma protein binding is low (30%) and the high volume of distribution (Vd >4 l/kg body weight) indicates good tissue penetration.

Pradofloxacin is eliminated from serum with a terminal half-life of 9.8 hours, and cleared from the body at 0.28 l/h/kg. Mean Residence Time (MRT) in the body is 8.8 hours 8.

In clinical studies, feeding did not reveal any impact on the treatment effect 5.

 Serum pharmacokinetic profile of pradofloxacin while administered by oral solution in cats

Cmax (mg/l)

Tmax (h)

t1/2 (h)

AUC0-24h (mg*h/l)

AUCinf (mg*h/l)

MRT (h)

F (%)








Cmax: maximum concentration

Tmax: time of maximum concentration

t1/2: halflife

AUC0-24h: area under the concentration vs time curve (24h interval)

AUCinf: area under the concentration vs time curve (unlimited)

MRT: mean residence time

F: bioavailability

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